Paying for Treatment

All consultations take place directly with Mr Fleming. He will perform all procedures and undertake all follow-up treatment and consultations.

A consultation fee is charged for the initial consultation, whether or not you decide to undergo the recommended surgery or procedure. As with most private practice, you may pay for your treatment personally, or claim the costs through a medical insurer. Mr Fleming’s secretary will be able to inform you of the EXACT cost of each consultation before you see Mr Fleming. Medically insured patients may still be liable for any excess on their policy. Mr Fleming does NOT usually charge medically insured patients any more than their policy will pay, for either consultation or procedures, and structures his fees in accordance with BUPA and WPA pricing guidelines.

A GP referral letter is not always necessary for self-paying patients. If you wish to arrange a consultation through a medical insurance policy, it is important that you have a referral letter from your GP and seek authorisation from your insurer before making an appointment.

Following a consultation or treatment an invoice will be sent directly to you. Alternatively, you may request that the invoice be sent to your medical insurer. If you are paying for your treatment personally, a range of fixed-price packages are available for your peace of mind. The cost of each treatment will vary, depending on your specific circumstances and where the treatment takes place.

For details of initial consultation fees and fixed-price packages please contact Lisa Nelson,
Mr Fleming’s secretary, on telephone 020 8337 4455.