I offer a wide range of surgical procedures. Information on the most common procedures is listed below. I am unwilling to offer unlimited advice over the internet, but I would be happy to discuss a procedure in more detail at a private consultation or via short email correspondence to my secretary Lisa Nelson. Click here for information on making an appointment.

Cosmetic surgery

  • Body
  • Breast
  • Face.

Reconstructive surgery

  • Hand
  • Skin

Cosmetic Surgery

No cosmetic surgery is trivial, and it should only be contemplated when you are in a settled physical and mental state. Do NOT think about this type of surgery if you are unwell, have major medical problems or are in the middle of a significant life crisis, such as divorce or recent bereavement.

Crucially, you must be realistic about cosmetic surgery and what it can and cannot achieve for you – these are real operations with real risks, downtime, pain, financial costs to you and your family, but also genuine potential rewards if you are well-informed, sensible and realistic about what can be achieved. Every person is an individual, with a different body shape and tissue characteristics, and some of the operations you may have seen on reality TV or read about may well not be for you.

I will be very honest about what we can achieve together and I may even suggest no surgery if I do not believe this is in your best interests.

Reconstructive Surgery Hand Surgery

My NHS practice is now dominated by all aspects of hand surgery, so I have a great breadth of experience, including trauma, children’s hand surgery and all common adult hand problems. I have also written guidelines for common hand conditions, which may be accessed at: